Network routers

3Internet connection is possible to be maintained in office regardless of the amount of computers connected. As long as a router is used every computer may have access to the same network without the risk of being unexpectedly disconnected when another machine would attempt to gain network connection. Network routers allow multiple devices to be connected at the same time and the only restriction may be a special password obligatory to gain access. The Internet connection is shared between various devices and every one of them can be an active user of the network.

Network routers are not only practical and universal but also space-saving and economic as they resemble small boxes and do not require any special area to be stored. The shape may differ as there are routers of many models but the most popular shape is a small rectangular box. However, futuristic forms also can be found while functions of routers are comparable. Every router is equipped with ports. Ports are in fact the connection points and they are used as plugging when an access to the network is needed. The amount of ports depends on a particular model and they are located either on the front of a router or rather back. Apart from ports designed to ensure access to the network every router is also equipped with an electric power connection and a set of LED diodes that signalise the current router’s status. It is important to state the condition of LED diodes to a consultant when reporting a temporary loss of connection. For example it is worth to invest in Cisco firewalls.

What is important, network routers are gateway devices responsible for combining LAN network with WAN. LAN is the local area network or in many cases, local area networks while WAN is a wide area network that enables a user to connect with the Internet. As for a router there are two ways of gaining the Internet connection. The first way is reaching  an access through a wire in which case, such connection is called wire. This method is popular when there is only one computer to be connected. The second possibility is wireless and it is a reasonable choice when more than one computers or other devices need to be connected.