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3Many decades has passed as companies were born and then ceased to exist due to various unfavourable circumstances. Time has changed and so in the 21st century launching and developing a company of one’s own is an entirely different task than it used to be in the previous years. However, data still remains a vital element of every professional business endeavour. The only difference is in perception and the manner of storing data. Decades ago data was supposed to be stored in volumes where to reach particular information was considered a challenge.

In the 21st century storing data is effective and space-saving because of the products designed by such company as Cisco. Cisco Products have been carefully designed in order to enable every customer to develop his company and assure a maximum level of data protection. Protection is crucial in the era of digitalized information that in most cases exists only in a virtual world. Digitalized data is under the protection of Cisco Products that preserve data in terms of providing security and stability. The first line of protection is a firewall which is designed to filter all the possibly infected files in order to detect and prevent them from reaching an access to the system. The firewall is integrated with router services and the authorized user has a limitless access to the Firewall Management designed by Cisco to maintain control of the vital functions of a system in spite of the circumstances.

Every potential threat is bound to be scanned by an Anomaly Detection and Mitigation system which cooperates with other security systems that are responsible for assuring the systems’ protection. Among Cisco Products customers can find other security-assuring applications and systems that provide effective aid against any potential attacks or damages that could result in the loss of data.

Firewall is barely one of a wide variety of options provided by Cisco because many more professional devices are offered by the company. First of all, the main role is assuring data safety by Access Control and Policy division. This important division is to control every user determined to gain access and all files that are transferred. If one of the users is to obtain access illegally and without the administrator’s permission, he will be detected and banned. The rest of the security system elements include a general Network security, Intrusion Prevention in the case of a possible attack of hackers and even email protection. Network security is divided into the router protection and threat control.

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